The 2012 United States men's Olympic basketball team has won all four games on their schedule so far, although they only defeated Brazil by 11 points and Argentina by six. Although I went against the lefty in the previous slide by picking against Harden, I have to choose the lefty here in Robinson.Despite being on a team with two Hall of Fame point guards, Pippen was the Dream Team's leading assist man, averaging 5.9 per contest. Chandler is starting to figure it out better and better on offense each season, but he still lacks a natural scoring ability like Ewing had.Ewing was not only able to score in the low post, but could also knock down mid-range jumpers. Newcomers James Harden and Blake Griffin join five members of the 2008 Olympic team and five members of the 2010 World Championship team on the USA Basketball for the 2012 … USA v Nigeria - USA Break Olympic Points Record - Men's Basketball Group A | London 2012 Olympics - Duration: 1:43:26. Davis may not put up those same statistics during this year's Olympics as Laettner did, but then again Davis is only 19 and Laettner was 22 at the time.Despite only starting in more games than Laettner and John Stockton at the 1992 Olympics, Mullin was the Dream Team's fourth-leading scorer at 12.9 points per game. Drexler's game was well-rounded, as he also averaged three rebounds and 3.6 assists at the 1992 Games.Westbrook is a different breed of a player than Drexler. Matt Winer breakdown today's decision.

In addition to Griffin, others withdrew due to injury including power forwards The following is the United States roster in the men's basketball tournament of the 2012 Summer Olympics.The United States went undefeated at 5–0 in their exhibition games, but were behind early against Brazil and Spain and played a close game against Argentina.The Americans went an undefeated 8–0 and averaged 116 points per game, winning by an average margin of 32.1 points—the fifth highest in US Olympic history.Compensating for its lack of big men, the USA played The USA competed in Group A in the opening round. Although unrelated to the Olympics, neither player has won an NBA Championship either.The two still have many differences as well though. The USA went undefeated but appeared vulnerable in five exhibition games. Robinson and Ewing both stood over seven feet tall, giving the 1992 team more options on the interior for scoring than this year's squad.Love's advantage over Robinson is that he can score both on the inside, as well as outside and even behind the arc. They finished the tournament with a perfect 8–0 record, defeating opponents by an average of 32 The initial 20 finalists were announced in January 2012. While this was a tough one to decide, I give the slight edge to Westbrook.Although very different players, the Malone-Anthony matchup would be an intriguing one because there are also some similarities. They are first different because Westbrook primarily plays point guard in the NBA, while Drexler played shooting guard.

Previous Olympics Team History Next Olympics. Overall, he is a better defender and passer than Bryant. Mullin's role on the team was shooter, just like Harden.Harden, who turns 23 next month, benefited from injuries to Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, that led him to make his first Olympic appearance. However, he was only 9-for-27 from behind the arc, which is somewhat puzzling.

2013 USA Basketball Showcase (USA White 128, USA Blue 106) 2012 Olympic Games Team-by-Team Cumulative Statistics USA / Argentina / Australia / Brazil / China / France / Great Britain / Lithuania / Nigeria / Russia / Spain / Tunisia

Ewing was also regarded as one of the best shot blockers throughout his career.While Chandler's defensive ability is at the same level, or maybe even better than Ewing's, his offense does not come close.

Chandler's athleticism could give Ewing trouble, but in the end Ewing is just a flat out better basketball player.The Barkley-James matchup, along with the Jordan-Bryant matchup that will be described in a couple of slides, are without a doubt the two best comparisons among players. He was incredibly efficient shooting behind the arc, going 14-for-26 in the eight Olympic games. Chandler, on the other hand, scores mostly off dunks or offensive rebounds.