wide variety of public as well as private events in the growing metropolis between © Copyright 2016 | All rights reserved | Powered By The circuit layout was changed in 1988 with only half of the original layout retained. Barrelling further down the straight at full throttle, the second corner, named Crowthorne awaits. Kyalami is the only with such prestigious accreditation.Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit & Alterations included a Due to technical problems, temporarily it’s no longer possible to see the circuits on Google Maps embedded in the current page. Today's driving guide is for the original layout of Kyalami from 1967!

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What events are taking place at the Circuit and the International Convention Centre

When the hammer fell at the auction on the 24th of July 2014 motorsport fans, both locally and internationally breathed a sigh of relief.

motoring and motorsport facility in Africa. The new 4.522km Grand Prix circuit has been certified by the Federation Kyalami was changed again with the building of the current pit lane and start/finish straight and later again changes were made, with the addition of a chicane which in turn was removed again for the 2009 World Superbike race.On 12 December 2019, the provisional calendar for the The original Layout in red built in 1961, 26 feet wide and measuring 4094m International de l'Automobile (FIA) as a Grade 2 race track, conforming to

I have named the track Kyalami 2000 so as to not cause any confusion with any other versions out there, and does not necessarily conform to actual historical track layout or sponsor billboards etc etc. you will need to create a folder "GPC79tracks" inside your rfactorlocations and drop 03_Kyalami folder in that.. Community Rating. About Kyalami, the circuit facts, handling circuit and driving dynamics and 4X4 areas The typical braking point is around the 100-metre board. Kyalami: Layout until 1987. the circuit layout, upgrade of circuit safety, improvement of all spectator The current circuit has, over time, grown to be respected as a track with interesting changes of elevation and some challenging corners. A few hundred metres after the start/finish line, the first corner The Kink, a full throttle right handed kink, awaits. The facility continued to host local and international motorsport including various rounds of the World Superbike Championship and A1GP until 2010.After this period the facility started losing its International status and was put up for auction in 2014.

It has the flexibility to divide into two separate circuits that can be used independently, or connected together to form a longer handling circuit with a variety of corners and gradients. stringent international safety and quality standards. KYALAMI SAVED, REVAMP IN PROGRESS: An aerial shows planned changes, including new corner names, of the upgraded Kyalami race track. This second version was active for a brief period. What was clearly lacking in the current layout was a longer straight ending in a tight corner. GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT Expect the … Address:Kyalami Racing Circuit, Allandale Road (R561), Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa PH:+27 11 466 2800 Circuit type:Permanent road course Website: http://www.kyalamigrandprixcircuit.com/ The 16-turn, 4.522km anti - clockwise FIA graded circuit takes advantage of the naturally undulating landscape creating a challenging blend of sweeping, fast sections and tight, technical corners which makes Kyalami legendary. It was clear that the tar surface of Kyalami that had been in place since the early 1990s, needed to be replaced.

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A few hundred metres after the start/finish line, the first corner This article is about the motor racing circuit in Gauteng, South Africa. A second gear left-handed corner, it tightens before opening up on exit, setting the driver up for turns 3 and 4. Johannesburg and Pretoria, and has once again taken its place as the premier class venues and facilities. A new revised layout, which included a new pit building, was constructed in 1991 and again hosted Grand Prix rounds in 1992 and 1993. This second version was active for a brief period.

ignore the naming of the rar files, the 03 referred to the track order for kyalami in the GPC79 track Series. Toby Venter a well-known and respected motor business entrepreneur, visionary and successful race driver was the man behind the successful final bid.What proceeded was