MISL Stats 2013-2014 . The club was subsequently named the Chicago Soul, with the club making its home at the One day after the 2013–14 MISL Championship game, USL President Tim Holt released a video stating that the USL was reevaluating the MISL to create a more "sustainable" league that features the highest level of professional indoor soccer. A yellow card means 5 minutes out of the game and the team needs to play with one player less for that period of time and a red card means the team will play for the remainder of the game with one player out. $4.50 shipping. The Major Indoor Soccer League, known in its final two seasons as the Major Soccer League, was an indoor soccer league in the United States that played matches from fall 1978 to spring 1992. Number of Players on the Field – Each team plays with 5 field players and a goalkeeper, only the goalkeeper can use his hands and only inside the penalty box. The NISL was one of three leagues that organized in late 2008 after the demise of the second MISL; the other two being the Originally, five teams had been announced to play in the inaugural season; four who were in the previous MISL (Baltimore, Monterrey, Orlando Sharks, and Philadelphia) and one formerly in the In July 2009, the XSL announced they were going on a one-year hiatus due to a lack of Shortly before the league launched its 2009–10 season, the opportunity arose to purchase the rights to the "Major Indoor Soccer League" name; the league successfully acquired the rights and immediately rebranded itself as the newest MISL.The MISL expanded into Missouri (Kansas City area) and Omaha starting with the 2010–11 season. First of all, the field is covered with artificial turf in most cases and it’s much smaller that regular stadiums, which makes this a more fast-paced game. There will be no point system in the playoffs.Ejections will count as two (2) points (Exception: No penalty points will accumulate for a player who is ejected for six (6) fouls in a match). He noted that the process would take "more than a few months" and that the possibility of not having a 2014–15 playing season existed.In the following months, six of the seven teams from the final MISL season joined the Professional Arena Soccer League, which was renamed the The league announced a change in its name from the Professional Arena Soccer League to the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) on May 18, 2014. Sport: Soccer. Those in attendance viewed indoor soccer played under rules different than those under which the NASL exhibitions had been played. Any player who receives a third time penalty in one match resulting in an ejection will be treated as an ejection with respect to penalty points and will be assessed two (2) penalty pointsPlease see below the Game Week Cutoff, Injured Reserve, and Immigration Pending List rules: Year: 1970. or Best Offer. Red cards were awarded for violent conduct or accumulation of cards (3 blues or 2 yellows). The former WISL teams objected to this. Activity Page . The league was a member of both the United States Soccer Federation and FIFA.The MISL had replaced the NPSL which folded in 2001. The league also conducted an The MISL had a relative lack of television coverage for being a national professional sports league. ... MISL Historical Stats . Ties resulted in consecutive 15-minute During an MISL game, each team was allowed to have 6 players on the field at a time. Although rules may vary from country to country, there are several clear difference between indoor and regular soccer.

No need for me to state the obvious and say that the biggest difference between this game and the association soccer is that this is played indoor, and that wouldn’t even be 100% accurate. (R3) Red Cards due to accumulation of cards in a single game are counted 2 points, not 3 points. The MISL was founded by businessmen Ed Tepper and Earl Foreman in October 1977. The teams are made of 5 or 6 six players and unlimited substitutions are permitted. As with the MISL, figures at the gate were encouraging. Major Indoor Soccer League has been the name of three different American professional indoor soccer leagues: .

In February 2007, the league and For the 2007–08, the MISL signed an agreement with In addition to national television, certain games were shown in local markets over local cable networks like The MISL game was the standard North American version of indoor soccer. There were breaks between the first two and the last two quarters. Although very similar to the outdoor game, arena soccer does have a few slight modifications. Free shipping. Originally, the MISL had a multiple point scoring system where goals were worth 1, 2, or 3 points depending upon the distance that they were scored or game situation. Traditionally, the season began in October and ended in March. There was also a 15-minute halftime. A Stars ownership group tried to join, using a revised version of the PSO report. Archive Columns. MISL Stats 2011-2012 . While most of the NASL indoor rules had been retained, Tepper and Foreman (who was now the MISL Commissioner) met with a few friends in a Philadelphia apartment before the season to try to add scoring to the game. For the 2010–11 season, the league consisted of only five teams, with the Rockford Rampage and Monterrey La Raza no longer active league members.In June 2012, the MISL announced that a new Chicago franchise was awarded to Armando Gamboa and Dave Mokry for the 2012–13 season. Although in some leagues there is a three-line violation, most games are played without offside. Also, as opposed to the MISL, the older league only required that five of each team’s 14-man roster be North American. Split and re-merger into the MASL The filed is divided by 3 lines into 4 sections. Best indoor soccer goal ever, from a goal kick to a scissor kick and GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL