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His birthday is May 17th. 28 April 2020, 17:10. Eddie is in his lates 20s in real life.

He is one of the most good-looking boys of the school and Devi is shown to be heavily attracted to him. As a PHD student, Kamala is likely in her mid to late 20s.

Darren Barnet’s first day on the set of Never Have I Ever as Paxton Hall-Yoshida started off with a splash. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Never Have I Ever,” on Netflix. Maybe her and Ben do have a fling and Paxton is put in this position where he’s been able to get any girl he wants but this time, it may not happen. Rushi Kota was born on 16 April 1987 and is 33 years old.

I think that really catches his interest, and he doesn’t understand why. So, I think that is an identity of its own, where you look at someone, and you can’t tell, and you guess and usually get it wrong.

Here’s everything you need to know about how old the actors and actress in the Never Have I Ever cast are. I managed to get my shirt off at the very last second, but just barely.But, not to be deterred, I decided to try one more time! [Netflix]Lily D. Moore is 17 years old. [Netflix]Ramona Young is 21 years old. He is also 15 years old.

It’s so nice to see the response of people knowing my ethnicity because I am so proud of it.

Her boldness. I did not expect my character to be such a focal point. I was so stressed out in high school because for me it was, I had no back-up plan, no money to fall back on, no family business. - Darren Barnet. "Never Have I Ever" Star Darren Barnet on Thirst Traps and How Paxton Hall-Yoshida Became Part Japanese Keywords Never Have I Ever After movie … [Netflix]Richa Moorjani plays Devi’s older cousin, Kamala, in Never Have I Ever.

The show revolves around Devi, who is trying to solve her complicated life as a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl.

TV & Film His birthday is 27 April 1991 and he is 29 years old.

Devi & Paxton | You're so classic [Never Have I Ever] - Duration: 1:54. He then shifted to Orlando, Florida and did his higher education there.Darren is 29 years old.
She plays Paxton’s sister Rebecca in Never Have I Ever. I’ve been compared to him a lot by casting directors I’ve met and some of my agents, like, “I see a bit of a Darren Criss vibe in you, maybe with a bit of an edge.” I’ve always really respected Darren Criss’s work.

© Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. I took a test to get into a school across town and was admitted into a magnet program.

In a way, she does have a facade but is also just very comfortable with being herself.

Sendhil Ramamurthy was born in 1974. She was born on 23 April 2003.

Eleanor Wong is in the same school year as Devi so she plays a 15-year-old when Never Have I Ever begins. [Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic]Devi Vishwakumar is 15 years old at the start of Never Have I Ever on Netflix and Maitreyi Ramakrishnanan, who plays her, isn’t much older in real life. Her birthday is 4 November 1994. This makes him 45 years old. My mom, a single parent who, at the time, was very low-income said I had to go to a better school. This make her 18 years old. [Netflix]Trent is 16 years old like Paxton in Never Have I Ever.

And the fact that people are taking it so well, I would love to incorporate it as much as possible now.