During his absences, her stepmother, Denise, raised her. When it came to the Huxtable household, she was in charge, even though she let Cliff think he was in charge (although Cliff was known to lay down the law when he had to). Olivia is the only child of Martin and Paula Kendall. Olivia Kendall Events. Theo has a long-running, but on-and-off relationship with a girl named Justine, who is mentioned many times throughout the series, but appears in only nine episodes.

He celebrates his 50th birthday during season three ("Cliff's 50th Birthday"), while she celebrates her 46th during season five ("Birthday Blues," two years later), indicating that she is six years younger. The new family moved in with Denise's parents, Clair and Cliff Huxtable, who are now Olivia's step-grandparents. The character is loosely based upon Cosby's youngest daughter, Evin, who was approximately the same age as Rudy.When they return from their honeymoon, they shock Cliff and Clair by announcing their intentions to forego medical school and law school, and start a wilderness supply store in Elvin was a wrestler in high school and for one year at Joseph C. Phillips played Sondra's date in a season two episode, before coming back as a new character, and playing the husband of Denise.
He also plays a monthly game of In the pilot episode, Cosby's character's full name is Clifford, as shown on a sign on the exterior of the house. Additionally, Denise attended Hillman College, whereas Erinn attended Spelman College, the university that Hillman is believed to be modeled after. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Olivia Kendall. Both Cliff and Clair attended the fictional Hillman College. In season three, Denise left home to attend Hillman College, a fictional, The character is loosely based upon Cosby's daughter, Erinn, who was approximately the same age as Denise. View the profiles of people named Olivia Kendall.

Join Facebook to connect with Olivia Kendall and others you may know. A running theme of the early seasons revolved around Theo's academic struggles, especially in his sophomore-year geometry class, taught by Mrs. Westlake (In the pilot, and once more in season one (the episode "Bad Dreams"), he is referred to by Vanessa as "Teddy", instead of "Theo." When Olivia was almost five years old, her father Martin married Denise Huxtable, whom he met in Africa. Originally, Cliff was to have worked as a chauffeur, with most of the humor coming from his interactions with customers. Being closest in age to Rudy, she was often made to share accodomations with her, sometimes to Rudy's annoyance. Together, they have five children: Sondra, Denise, Theodore (Theo), Vanessa, and Rudith (Rudy). When Olivia was almost four years old, her father Martin married Denise Huxtable, whom he met in Africa. About See All (386) 793-3266. Thank you. Wedding Planning Service. Not Now. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.
In the early seasons, Vanessa is usually considered to be nosy, as she usually—sneakily—tries to find out what goes on in the Huxtable house, especially when it involves someone (usually Theo) in trouble with their parents. Her character was originally supposed to be a housewife, but when the show finally aired, she became a lawyer. July 17, 2017 at 12:06 PM. 648 people follow this. Forgot account? Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Congratulations! Not Now.

Wedding Planning Service . Martin, as a Naval officer, is required to travel a lot, so for a while, Olivia was unable to spend time with him. Watch Queue Queue. Along with her constantly fluctuating love life, were her various hairstyles and choices of clothing, which were occasionally made fun of by Cliff. A number of Rudy's friends appear in episodes as the series progresses. One of Vanessa's best friends in high school was a girl named Kara (played by Elizabeth Narvaez), who could ramble on about nothing in particular at high speed. She was the chief disciplinarian of the children, as shown in an episode where Vanessa and her friends sneak off to Clair Huxtable has been ranked highly in several lists of the top television mothers.