defensive sparkplug whose instincts and athleticism allow him to be a high level rebounder. Standing 6'6 with a strong, 220-pound frame, Hill worked diligently in the summer to improve his body, and has reaped the benefits this season. 1? See who goes first overall to the Los Angeles Clippers!

If head coach Randy Wittman's decision is any indication, Porter has some work to do.That might have kept him out of Minnesota's rotation, too, but the Timberwolves have a pretty desperate need at the small forward spot—more so than Washington, which had Trevor Ariza on which to lean.The Timberwolves could certainly have used a young complement to Corey Brewer at the 3. Covington has finished no lower than the Throw in excellent defensive rebounding, high-volume three-point shooting and general defensive flexibility, and you've got the ideal two-way player who doesn't need the ball to make a difference.The proof that Covington belongs this high is in the on-off splits. He's had a way with draft picks and appears to have gotten it right again.Mason Plumlee had a fantastic rookie year. But I have him falling in the redraft. Maybe it's not too late.If the shooting doesn't return, Len can still impact games with shot-blocking and rebounding, his two most consistent skills.

But he's above average guarding at least three positions, and his real value shows up in his off-ball game.

Schroeder fell behind the more veteran Shelvin Mack in the rotation, but he's well-positioned to become Jeff Teague's primary backup next season. The reason a player with such an in-demand set of skills only goes 19th in our re-draft is simple: Snell has the remarkable ability to disappear for minutes at a time.Snell doesn't hurt his teams, but the knock on an otherwise quality player is that he often doesn't do enough to help either.Three years isn't much of a career compared to some of the other players in consideration for a first-round spot, but Theis is such a good fit in the modern game that it feels fair to overlook a short track record.Theis is just dangerous enough from deep (34.0 percent) to keep defenses honest, and he's comfortable switching onto guards when the Celtics' defensive sets call for it. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images 21. He would give Portland some much-needed bench versatility thanks to his ability to rebound, run the floor in transition and make plays for others.

We're after the best player available at each draft slot, and we'll determine a player's quality by considering peak years, longevity, overall stats and impact on team success. I’m not sold on him as a rotation player, but management is. Redrafting the 2009 NBA Draft. He can miss a blocked shot, hit the floor and get back up. It just so happens that a couple of other prospects moved ahead of him.For his part, Olynyk made the most of his ample playing time, making C's general manager Danny Ainge look pretty good in the process. It's that a few others should have probably gone a bit higher in retrospect.McCollum was the victim of limited playing time in 2013-14. The biggest difference is Dieng is already 24 years old and played in the U.S. in college at Louisville. Lead guards who can shut down either backcourt position, dominate in isolation, shoot with range and devastate defenders in the pick-and-roll are rare, but that's exactly what peak Oladipo was.If not for the ruptured quadriceps tendon he suffered in 2018-19, he'd be fighting it out with Gobert for No. {"Center text":{"textstyle":"dynamic","textpositionstatic":"bottom","textautohide":true,"textpositionmarginstatic":0,"textpositiondynamic":"centercenter","textpositionmarginleft":24,"textpositionmarginright":24,"textpositionmargintop":24,"textpositionmarginbottom":24,"texteffect":"slide","texteffecteasing":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration":600,"texteffectslidedirection":"bottom","texteffectslidedistance":30,"texteffectdelay":500,"texteffectseparate":true,"texteffect1":"slide","texteffectslidedirection1":"bottom","texteffectslidedistance1":30,"texteffecteasing1":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration1":600,"texteffectdelay1":1000,"texteffect2":"slide","texteffectslidedirection2":"bottom","texteffectslidedistance2":30,"texteffecteasing2":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration2":600,"texteffectdelay2":1500,"textcss":"display:block; padding:48px; text-align:center;","textbgcss":"display:none;","titlecss":"display:table; position:relative; font-weight:300; font-style:italic; font-size:32px; font-family:Georgia,sans-serif,Arial; color:#fff; padding:10px; margin:0px auto;","descriptioncss":"display:block; position:relative; font-weight:300; font-style:normal; font-size:20px; line-height:30px; font-family:Georgia,sans-serif,Arial; color:#fff; padding:10px; margin:0px auto;","buttoncss":"display:block; position:relative; margin:10px auto;","texteffectresponsive":true,"texteffectresponsivesize":640,"titlecssresponsive":"font-size:12px;","descriptioncssresponsive":"display:none !important;","buttoncssresponsive":"","addgooglefonts":false,"googlefonts":"","textleftrightpercentforstatic":40},"Bottom left":{"textstyle":"static","textpositionstatic":"bottom","textautohide":true,"textpositionmarginstatic":0,"textpositiondynamic":"bottomleft","textpositionmarginleft":24,"textpositionmarginright":24,"textpositionmargintop":24,"textpositionmarginbottom":24,"texteffect":"slide","texteffecteasing":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration":600,"texteffectslidedirection":"left","texteffectslidedistance":30,"texteffectdelay":500,"texteffectseparate":false,"texteffect1":"slide","texteffectslidedirection1":"right","texteffectslidedistance1":120,"texteffecteasing1":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration1":600,"texteffectdelay1":1000,"texteffect2":"slide","texteffectslidedirection2":"right","texteffectslidedistance2":120,"texteffecteasing2":"easeOutCubic","texteffectduration2":600,"texteffectdelay2":1500,"textcss":"display:block; padding:12px; text-align:left;","textbgcss":"display:none;","titlecss":"display:block; position:relative; font:bold 36px Arial; color:#fff;","descriptioncss":"display:block; position:relative; font:24px Arial; color:#fff; margin-top:8px;","buttoncss":"display:block; position:relative; margin-top:8px;","texteffectresponsive":true,"texteffectresponsivesize":640,"titlecssresponsive":"font-size:12px;","descriptioncssresponsive":"display:none !important;","buttoncssresponsive":"","addgooglefonts":false,"googlefonts":"","textleftrightpercentforstatic":40}}Em suma nossa estrutura conta com uma sede amplamente equipada, bem como moderna e climatizada, situada na zona sul da nossa cidade, no bairro de Botafogo, na Praia de Botafogo, nº 444, sobretudo dispõe de uma equipe igualmente qualificada e pronta com o propósito de prestar por certo o melhor serviço a nossos clientes, amigos e parceiros.

In retrospect, that's a bit hard to believe. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The 2013 NBA draft was a mangled mess.

7 pick in 2013. The top two picks in this re-draft went 15th and 27th in reality, and only four original top-10 picks managed to stay in that group in our do-over.Even more surprising, five undrafted players now crack the top 30, and one climbs all the way to No. And they hold worlds of potential for the participating teams.

0 of 13 . And that's fine. His 2019-20 averages of 29.6 points, 13.7 rebounds and 5.8 assists seem like fabrications. The bottom line is that he would have given the organization options.Alex Len may give them the same in time, but the jury is still out.For the record, Burke averaged 12.8 points and 5.7 assists this season. If we had known then what we know now, the 2013 NBA draft would have been an altogether different beast.

For his efforts, Olynyk was named to the league's All-Rookie second team in May.Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer is a product of the San Antonio Spurs system, so you have some inkling as to how much he cherishes floor spacing. The 2009 NBA draft was a point guard extravaganza, yet James Harden , the guy who currently leads the class in career assists, was quite clearly a 2 when he came off the board. So he's probably another year or two away from being NBA-ready. But barring an unlikely return to significant minutes, Muscala may end up being best remembered as the guy the Clippers somehow turned into Ivica Zubac in a 2019 robbery of the Lakers.

In fact, if you gave a general manager the choice of drafting Giannis or any Antetokounmpo was posting cartoonish numbers before the 2019-20 season stopped, and he's a virtual lock to add a second straight MVP trophy (not to mention a Defensive Player of the Year Award) to his mantle. Super recomendo.