“This is heaven,” she said. Love it!!! That category has slightly more males than females.

!I love the fact that the Marleys are doing and establishing so much in Ghana but what about the country of their Birth? This is in comparison to the European Union which contributes 35.5% of world exports or the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which records 0.8% of world trade. Growth in the agricultural sector continues. Mrs. Neo Makeba The entire clan of Marleys - three dozen plus - packed up and moved to Ghana about ten years ago. Since the ban imposed in 1998 for breaches in safety and standard regulations was lifted. This show of political peace and coherence could be viewed as an attempt to encourage investment and mobilize its rapidly maturing population.© 2020 All rights reserved, The Rita Marley Foundation “Nigeria is more like New York, but Ghana is a lot more like what we expect Africa to me.”She has no problem adapting to the culture and customs and has been eating mostly Fufu, breadfruit, ackee and plantains. Through her foundation, Rita has strengthened the community of Konkonuru in Ghana, where she built a medical clinic and improved a school. She is running her Rita Marley Foundation from Accra. These include:These challenges can be overcome in a country such as Ghana, which recently demonstrates exemplary democratic process in holding its national elections and political hand-over of party responsibilities. I guess Jamaica doesn’t seems like it needs that kind of help. About the Rita Marley Foundation in Ghana. The FounThe Foundation contributed to building a main road to Konkonuru; supporting the village of Fete Kekabre, on the road to the Cape Coast, with food, medicine and clothing; bringing water to Konkonuru and remodeling the basic school.“I see myself still as a Jamaican, but Africa is our roots and I was always looking forward to this transition,” she said. Since moving there, she has established a day care centre and school for children and adopted at least 30 children. However, the 2001 Literacy survey shows, 49.9% of persons over 15 years of age are totally illiterate. It is not surprising therefore that in the year 2000 the Government stated in its budget speech, plans to increase both the acquisition of land and access to land for investment. The Rita Marley Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2000 and registered under the laws of Ghana and governed by a Board (in accordance with S. 202 of the companies code 1963, Act 179). In November 2011 Mrs. Rita Marley O.D was awarded the prestigious Honorable Marcus Garvey Lifetime Achievement Award at the Caribbean American Heritage Awards in recognition of her outstanding contributions. Serving those on the Continent as well as in the Diaspora, RMF (U.S.A) will also work in harmony with its sister NGOs, RMF (Ghana) situated at 1 French Line in Aburi, Ghana and RMF (Jamaica) located at … Agriculture accounts for 10% of the GDP and food constitutes78% of export. Census data records state 51% is female; 0-14 year olds account for 41.2% of the population. The family, including 37 grandchildren, lives in a huge house overlooking Accra. Rita’s judgement to invest in Africa is of value and deserves a praise in my opinion.If your spirits say yes,say yes.the whole world is Africa.Thank you for in powering the youth with better quality of education,good health.So much trouble in the World,where you lay your hat that’s your home.Bless!! That fruit together with cotton, cashew, papaw, passion fruit, chili and bananas continue to contribute to the growth of trade with the EU. BLESS!! Africa is the root that needs to be strong in order to develop all the branches. !Great article, will reblog on Jamaicandivas.com.

At the other end of the population pyramid, we find 3.4% being 65 years old and over; 52% of that group being female (UNDP 2000).12.5% of Ghana’s land mass is arable.

It is generally agreed that Ghana grows some of the world’s tastiest pineapples. Increase in value with additional secondary industries should be quickly pursued; mainly with the above-mentioned crops where post-harvest loss can run as high as 30%. Rita Marley Foundation Ltd. (USA) RMF Ltd. (USA) is a 501 C3 company. Since moving there, she …