Previously a part of multiple Another major motorsport event is the Suzuka 8 Hours for motorcycles, which has been run since 1978.

First in Japan! We had several of the champion superbike racers explain what Following is a transcript of the video. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Your shout will be the energy to accelerate the speed!The “Gate of the Brave” that stands at the entrance of the Adventure Village.

We had several of the champion superbike racers explain what makes Suzuka such a difficult track to master. This event usually attracts big name riders and with the exception of 2005, due to the importance of the major manufacturers' involvement, the It was announced on June 21, 2010 that the east section of the Suzuka Circuit would host the Japan round of the Following two major accidents in 2002 and 2003, one of the main issues in safety has been at the corner 130R (marked 15 in the track map above).

The figure eight-shaped course features high-speed corners only meant for the world’s top racers.

The hairpin (turn 11) was coined 'Kobayashi Corner' after Japanese driver Suzuka, openly touted by F1 drivers and fans as one of the most enjoyed, is also one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Suzuka was dropped from the Formula One calendar for the The "east" portion of the course consists of the pit straight to the first half of the Dunlop curve (turn seven), before leading back to the pit straight via a tight right-hander. Shout 'Power' when the center of the ring glow red.Japan's first voice-accelerated coaster attraction! Shoot at the red one to get higher score!The last one comes a king crystal. The Suzuka International Racing Course (鈴鹿国際レーシングコース, Suzuka Kokusai Rēsing Kōsu), more famously known as the Suzuka Circuit (鈴鹿サーキット, Suzuka Sākitto), is a motorsport race track located in Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan and operated by Mobilityland Corporation, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co, Ltd. * Photos and illustrations used here are just images. * Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice. The circuit closed for a year for renovations to make it F1-compliant for 2009, with the last major event held on November 18, 2007,Suzuka also hosts other motorsport events including the Suzuka 1000 km endurance race. Each time you hit it, you get points and higher score!Find the power ring and return to the base while rejuvenating the limited energy! If you can find the “Power Ring” that you can charge the energy on the way, your chance to clear the mission will be much bigger!You have completed your missions, if your boat comes back before the limited energy runs out!Obstacles are ahead of you, like "Fall Curtain" and "Mysterious Bubbles" rising up!Find out a Power Ring hidden somewhere in the course and press the power charge button, then you can recharge the energy only once!
Japan’s legendary Suzuka Circuit easily ranks as the country’s most dangerous race track.

Official English website of Suzuka Circuit.Suzuka Circuit is known as hosted numerous top level races including the Formula One Grand Prix races.

*Please note that people who have a fear of heights or a weak heart due to the high degree of stimulation. In 2003, the chicane was made slightly faster and closer to the 130R.The circuit can be used in five configurations; the car full circuit, the motorcycle full circuit, the "Suzuka east," "Suzuka west car," and "Suzuka west motorcycle" configurations.

If you reach the goal safely before it runs out of energy mounted on the vessel while going over the seven difficult stages on your way, your mission is cleared.
The Rocky Mountain in the heart of the Adventure Village, where the guardian “Akuzus” is sleeping. How to Enjoy Adven Boat Frontier and Evolved PointsGo off to the adventure onboard the vessel equipped with energy meter. The "west" course is made up of the other part of the full circuit, including the crossover bridge; the straight leading to the overpass is used for the start/finish line and the grid.